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The objective of the publication “Kas mūs vieno?” – a call.

A call to think, to pray and to act.

To think – answer the question:

           Who – and what unites us?

           Unites – what attitudes and actions unite or divide us?

           Us – who do I include and exclude by this word?

To pray – to talk about it with God and listen to what He says.

To act – to be opened and to open, to be changed and to change; each one of us in their own place and way.


This website is a home to the ecumenical publication “Kas mūs vieno?” (“Who and What Unites Us?”) that was issued from 2005 to 2014. It provides all the issues in chronological sequence, as well as contains separate articles arranged thematically in website sections.

The articles originally available in English, as well as some translated from Latvian, are included in this English section. The section “Current Events” in Latvian here has been replaced by “Introductory Letters" translated from the issues, providing an insight into the main topics of each issue.

The publication was published thanks to the donations and contributions of individuals committed to this specific aim and could be received free of charge in churches of different denominations in Latvia during the Prayer Week for the Unity of Christians.

Anda Done,
Editor of the publication“Kas mūs vieno?”
Drawing by Sandrs Rīga "Longing"